Vendor areas are available for FOTAS 2024.  The vendor room will be in the spacious Sedona 1 room as well as two of the Sierra conference rooms.  The room will tentatively be open for set up at 4 PM on Friday (maybe earlier) and then open to the public at 5 PM.  The room will also be open on Saturday with a required take down on Sunday morning.  The room will be locked when not in use.  See the schedule for a full listing of hours.  Here are some of the details:

  • Each space in SEDONA is 9′ x 11′
  • Each space in SIERRA is approximately 13′ x 24′
  • Available tables are 8′ x 2.5′
  • Chairs will be available
  • Electricity will be available
  • Vendor shipments may be sent to the hotel ahead of the event; however, SELAS takes no responsibility for these packages.

Vendors are free to attend the speaker sessions; however, the vendor room will not be locked during the sessions.

Note: Tables supplied are folding tables and will not be able to support large aquariums.  If you plan to use aquariums, please bring appropriate aquarium stands (there is a Home Depot down the street). Due to the limited amount of space and electrical availability, vendor locations are subject to change.