All entries must be registered with SELAS at least 2 weeks before the show (no walk ups).  Note:  SELAS reserves the right to change the registration period.

All entries must have their own aquarium (10 gallon recommended), water, and sponge filter. SELAS will provide air supply.

No aquariums are to be larger than 29 gallons unless you have pre-approval from SELAS.

No dither fish are allowed.

No lights on the aquariums.  A glass top or canopy without lights can be used.

Aquariums are not to be labeled in anyway.  A label will be provided for the aquarium by SELAS.

There is no cost to enter the fish show (however, you must be a paid attendee of FOTAS 2024 to participate).

Main Judging

The classes of fish are the following:

• Old World Cichlid
• New World Cichlid
• Catfish
• Other (includes any fish without a scientific name, ie. hybrids, flowerhorns, ob’s, etc.)

In the event that there are less than 3 fish entered into a class, that group will be removed and all fish from that group will be placed into the Other class.

Judges will score the fish based on the following:

• Animal looks as close to ideal as one would expect of a perfect representative. (not oversized or undersized, good color that is not abnormal, etc) (10 Points)

• Anatomy of animal is ideal (fins, scales, jaw, etc) (10 Points)

• Judges’ discretion which could include attitude, fin extensions, and personal choice (10 Points)

Judges will add up their scores, with the winner of the class being the fish with the highest score in that class. In the event of a tie, Judges will meet and decide on a winner.

The fish with the highest score overall regardless of class, will be named Best in Show. In the event of a tie, Judges will meet and decide on a winner.

Judges decisions are final.

People’s Choice Judging

All attendees of FOTAS 2024 will get 1 vote for the People’s Choice Award. Attendees will write the ID number of the fish that they are voting for and the votes will be counted. The fish with the highest number of votes will receive the People’s Choice Award. In the event of a tie, all ballots of the tied fish will be put into a bowl, and a winner will be drawn from those ballots.


Winner of each class will win $50.
Second place of each class will win $10.
Third place of each class will win $5.
Winner of People’s Choice will win $50.
Best in show will win $50.

So theoretically 1 fish could win $150 total!!!

To enter a fish, email letting us know and we will get back to you with the details.